Elegant and easy, the Simple Book of Tithing contains quiet, yet breathtaking stories to let you know how possible tithing is; and answers your practical questions about how to put it into play. It is a heartfelt expression of a personal, human experience and daily activity that transcends boundaries of faith or doctrine.

Ultimately, it's all about the heart.

Keep it simple. Keep it real. Breathe easier.

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Laura Faulkner began her tithing journey as a young adult,
and has enjoyed the exhilaration of it for many years. A
frequent speaker and storyteller of such experiences as these,
she seeks the miraculous in the everyday. A Christian from
childhood, Dr. Faulkner has worshiped and served in many
traditions of faith.

She is a consultant in strategy, design, and business development,
and a writer, yoga teacher, and artist.

You can contact Laura Faulkner at:


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